*Served with soup or salad, vegetable and potato*

Athenian Chicken $15.90
1/2 Roasted Chicken smothered with greek seasonings

Tender Liver & Onions $15.90
Our delicious liver cooked to perfection covered with sauteed onions

Chicken Parmigiana $16.90
Chicken breast covered in our delicious marinara sauce and melted mozzarella

Broiled Chop Steak $11.90
Fresh chopped steak made to order covered in our savory brown gravy

Grecian Chicken $16.90
Chicken breast sauteed with spinach, feta and fresh tomato over pasta

Sirloin Steak $14.90
A 7.5 oz. Sirloin steak lightly seasoned

Chicken Marsala $17.50
Chicken breast sliced and sauteed in a combination of mushrooms, shallots and Marsala wine

Broiled Sea Scallops $21.90
Broiled Sea Scallops sauteed in a scampi sauce over rice pilaf

Meatloaf $11.90
Traditional meatloaf with our delicious gravy

Shrimp Santorini $19.50
6 Large Shrimp sauteed in spinach, garlic and tomatoes tossed over pasta and topped with feta cheese

Chicken Scampi $16.90
Grecian chicken sauteed in garlic and seasonings served over rice pilaf

Lamb Chops $20.50
3 of our delicious seasoned lamb chops

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